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Welcome to our online article resource page.  Please take full advantage of this page as it has valuable information that can help you in the planning of your event. The articles below are in (Adobe Reader .pdf Format) so feel free to print them out and share them with others. And the free special report is so helpful for event planning that we only want prospective clients, current clients and event planners who are serious about saving money to get it, so it will be delivered to your E-Mail. Also check back often as we add new information and articles frequently.





-How to Hire Entertainment for Your Event

-Four Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Stage Hypnotist

-What to Look for When Conducting a Site Inspection for an Event Location

-Understanding Your Entertainers Contract

-7 Steps to a Successful Event!


free special report...



So you’re looking for entertainment and you want the best you can get right?  Or is that a question more of… You’ll take what you can get for this much?  So why do people settle... rather than get what they want, have it be an outstanding value and still have it fit within their budget. Understanding that event budgets get tighter and tighter each year, and trying to still provide quality entertainment seems to get harder and harder to do.  Something that contains appropriate content and will not be offensive to anyone. But in order to do this successfully you should know the most important....


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