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Michael Swenson, Comedy hypnotist, is owner of The Entertainment Pros and a professional certified stage hypnotist, based out of San Diego, California. Michael Swenson is a self-help hypnosis teacher to clients for personal and professional growth and also performs all over the World hypnotizing volunteers in his outstanding comedy hypnosis show! He’s worked with top celebrities and companies such as Sea World and Disney. Michael Swenson is author of the book “All About Hypnosis” and has created many self-help hypnosis audio programs readily available. In addition to being a certified stage hypnotist, Michael Swenson is also a recognized member and board certified hypnotist with the National Guild of Hypnotists.


Michael Swenson’s hypnosis shows are an energy charged, fun, fast paced experience. If you have ever seen other hypnotists that go on and on with their boring hypnotic induction, (that’s where the hypnotist seems to put them asleep) you will be amazed how quickly Michael Swenson can hypnotize a group of total strangers and jump into the laugh packed program. Even the induction itself is designed for audience entertainment. Michael Swenson’s energized personality and creative imagination always has audiences laughing hysterically while volunteers have a blast on stage! This is the show other hypnotists envy and is the show audiences look forward to again and again!



"Performing a quality show with audience interaction

and creating a fun and entertaining atmosphere

without offending anyone,

is the key to a successful event."

– Michael Swenson


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