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What is the Michael Swenson comedy hypnosis show?

A: The Michael Swenson comedy hypnosis show is where suggestion twists reality and transforms audience volunteers into stars!  It’s a fast paced side-splitting comedy hypnosis show perfect for any audience and will have everyone laughing, applauding and enthusiastically participating! Watch as audience members are transformed into celebrities, musicians, dancers, washing machines and more! The content is always good clean fun and designed to create the most successful and memorable events.  Your audience will be rolling on the floor with laughter and provide thunderous applause to the stars on stage. Everyone will enjoy an outstanding show full of fun and excitement that will not embarrass anyone.


What is the free promotional packet and video?

A: It is a promotional packet containing information about our show specifically for the type of event you will be having and the DVD is a short demo of the Michael Swenson comedy hypnosis show.


Do you perform in our geographical area?

A: We travel all around the World and are based in San Diego, California.


How long is the comedy hypnosis show?

A: The common length for our hypnosis show is a 60 minute show; however we offer other show lengths to fit within your events time schedule.

What is the cost of the comedy hypnosis show…

A: Due to many variables such as show length, location of performance, travel expenses, etc., posting a fee is not possible.  Please contact us directly anytime at 949-441-0033 or toll-free at .

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